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An intimate gathering was held at Coasters Seafood Grill in the ByWard Market Wednesday, May 8, raising money and awareness for the Bryan Murray Legacy Fund for the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre Foundation. A $7,000 donation was presented to the fund from the Children’s Wish Foundation on behalf of Raffi Meyer-Wertman, a young man who has overcome cancer. In his heartwarming speech Raffi thanked the OICC for the integrative care and support they provided as he faced his cancer treatments at the hospital and said he only wishes others less fortunate can access care at the OICC through the wish foundation money he is donating.

Click on The Ottawa Citizen link below to view the whole evening’s events in pictures!!

Ottawa Citizen Photos of Raffi’s Fundraiser

Bryan’s Wish for Subsidized Patient Care

The Bryan Murray Legacy Fund subsidizes care for those in need


The OICC helped Dad manage his cancer,
to not let cancer or chemo rule him

By Heide Murray

Every time we left the hospitals, we were disheartened. Saddened by the doctors, who tried their best, but had no hope to give us. Saddened by the patients who were sitting in waiting rooms or wandering though the maze of the hospital hallways, trying not to look lost and angry. Saddened by the food in the cafeterias. Saddened by the sympathetic stares. The sheer drudgery of it all was almost unbearable.

Thankfully, those appointments were punctuated by visits to the OICC. We left every appointment there with a smile, a hint of hope on our lips. We felt encouraged by the evidenced based medicine we found there, by the hope which having some control over your destiny gives you. Being at the OICC was like night and day compared to being at the hospitals. The staff want to help support your decisions. Want to help you make better food choices and give you better supplement options. Things that were not a part of the hospital treatment, which is about not dying right away, but not about living.

Dad wanted someone to look him in the eye, to help him manage his cancer, to support him in making changes, to not let cancer and chemo rule him. He found the help he needed at the OICC to maintain the life he wanted to continue living. To keep working and traveling. I am so glad he had some normalcy for three years after his diagnosis. Of course I wish it had been longer. If we had known ten years ago what we know now…what we learned from the OICC.

Thank you for being there, with all good wishes.

Dad wanted others to have the quality of life
he experienced

By Brittany Murray

Dad strongly believed all people should have the opportunity to access  resources available at OICC no matter their financial situation.  This is the mission of the Legacy Fund.

He was proud to be involved with the OICC during his experience with cancer. Dad always felt communication and collaboration with his medical practitioners was of utmost importance during his care.

Cancer immensely affects a person’s body and mind. As his family, and the women who loved him most, we were comforted by the resources, practitioners and support available to him at the OICC.

Dad often took chemotherapy appointments as opportunities to connect with those going through similar experiences. He loved and was supported by the patient to patient interaction. Human interaction was what he thrived on. He shared what he was doing as part of his treatment regimen, which included mentioning the OICC. Dad believed in integrative health care. He believed in everything and anyone who contributed to a person’s quality of life. His vision and mission in his own cancer experience was always clear in the beginning stages after his diagnosis. His approach to treatments were consistently paired with vigor, enthusiasm and determination.

He believed awareness and communication about what exists out in the world to assist people with cancer should be a top priority for patients and practitioners. The biggest obstacles which prevent so many from attaining real customized care are lack of awareness, communication, and resources.

In order for our health and healthcare systems to improve, we must acknowledge the importance of a combination of mind and body medicine for all. It is the quality of a person’s circumstances, including environment, relationships, life’s work, food, exercise, and psychological well being, which  affect a person’s health.

We are proud to have discovered the OICC.

Bryan Murray wished to make complementary and integrative care available to all no matter their financial circumstance.

Your donation to The Bryan Murray Legacy Fund will enable
a patient to access subsidized care:

Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Integrative Medical Care, Counseling & Mental Health Support, Massage, Physiotherapy or Mind-Body Medicine.

Online Patient Programs

You can help with the development and delivery of patient programs
that address the most rampant cancers diagnosed, including colorectal, prostate, breast and lung.  Our Head Start Program is focused on women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. This program has had a phenomenal impact on
participants, achieving measurable improvements in nutrition, exercise, anxiety and well-being.

Your donation will support a range of beneficial programs:

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, support groups, nutritional workshops, Head Start Programs etc.

“Being part of the head start program at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre has helped me cope with the stress of the diagnosis and the beginning of treatment. We received a lot of stress related techniques and tools that are useful during this challenging journey; among others, useful tips in nutrition, relaxing activities, such as yoga, and to help diminish side effects.” – Sandrine

Integrative Oncology Research

Your financial support in research will support and carry through the important work that we are currently doing in collaboration with
The Ottawa Hospital and other researchers locally, and internationally.

The OICC studies the effectiveness of new therapies and natural health products, and brings evidence-informed, reliable information to patients, families and health-care providers. Researchers measure outcomes from programs and clinical care, to assess for the impact on quality of life, and extension of life.

Your donation will help OICC researchers continue to answer some of the most pressing problems people face, while exploring exciting prospects for improved care.

Awarded two largest-ever integrative cancer care research grants in North America:

  • A randomized clinical trial on men and women with lung, esophageal and stomach cancer.  The OICC is co-leading this 11-year study with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in three cities across Canada.
  • A Canadian/US study to assess advanced cancer survival.  The OICC is co-leading this 6-year study with Bastyr University in seven sites across North America.

“It’s about time that we looked at complementary therapies and practitioners as part of the health care process and system. It’s absolutely exciting for me as a practitioner of conventional oncology to have the OICC for patients to consider.” – Dr. Shailendra Verma, Medical Oncologist, The Ottawa Hospital

Changing How We Live With Cancer

The OICC Foundation launched its first campaign in April 2016:
Changing How We Live With Cancer.

Ottawa Senators Bryan Murray assumed the role of Honourary Campaign Chair since he had benefited so much as a patient of the OICC. With the passing of Bryan, the Foundation has introduced The Bryan Murray Legacy Fund to support subsidized care in his memory.

The Foundation raises funds for the OICC in three areas: specialized patient programs, innovative research, and subsidized patient care for those unable to afford integrative cancer care.

Integrative cancer care enables people to live the best they can while undergoing hospital-based treatment, by reducing side effects, improving quality of life, and helping prevent recurrence.

By donating to the Foundation you are helping cancer patients in your own hometown receive the best in integrative care. You are helping to change how they are living with cancer.

“I’m hoping to build awareness of our goal to raise funds so that everyone with cancer in Ottawa has more access to integrative care. Working with the OICC has enabled me to keep both my physical and mental strength high. Naturopathic medicine, massage and yoga have greatly minimized the side effects of my chemotherapy treatments.  The OICC and their tremendous staff have allowed me to enjoy all of my normal daily activities, including quality time with family and my passion towards bringing a championship NHL team to Ottawa.”

Bryan Murray, Former GM

Ottawa Senators Hockey Club