“Silly Cat” created by Rosalina


Rosalina’s Story – An Open Letter to Donors

Rosalina was 5 years old when she was diagnosed two years ago with high risk neuroblastoma. We were heartbroken. Within weeks, and already into the harsh treatment protocol that she was immediately initiated into at the hospital, we were coming to terms with the big challenges facing us in order to help Rosalina heal from her cancer.

After having heard of the OICC through a family friend and meeting with Dr. Seely, its founder, we determined that this place was going to play a big part in Rosalina’s physical support and recovery. Little did we know it would also come to be an element of emotional support for her, through the various sweet interpersonal relationships that she has developed with her caretakers here over time.

Dr. Seely, who is her naturopath – and whom we hold very dear to our hearts – keeps an eye on Rosalina’s state of health and has helped us with some of the issues that she has faced throughout her treatments at CHEO. He has guided us in accessing the therapies that he thought were most suitable for her, made recommendations on appropriate supplementation and how to integrate these both safely with conventional treatments and continues to monitor her progress. Rosalina takes IV therapy twice weekly at the OICC, consisting of high doses of Vitamin C and mistletoe; once weekly reflexology and at times hynotherapy, and is supplied with a few important and high quality supplements that are available for sale here.

Additionally, some in our extended family, including myself, have benefited from by being able to access the supportive and wholistic programming that the OICC offers families of those going through their cancer journeys. This makes the Center doubly important, as caretakers and families of those with cancer are hugely impacted. Cancer is a family issue, not one that simply befalls the individual. There are mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that have to be recognized and balanced, not simply physical ones; and not only of the person affected directly. At the OICC, I feel that we have all received the very best in integrative wholisitic cancer care and we all feel extremely lucky to have this place as what we deem to be our great resource and opening onto a gentler, more rounded path of health and healing.

“Rainbow” created by Rosalina

When we learned that there was a fund available to apply to in order to reduce the costs of all these extremely important elements that we strongly believe have been the underpinning mainstays of Rosalina’s resilience in the face of highly toxic treatments, and that have kept her in strength and health throughout, the huge feeling of relief was indescribable. Literally, as people say; a weight lifted. I cannot be more thankful for this fund which permits us to give Rosalina the best supportive care possible while allowing the foregoing of some of its financial costs. The idea that allopathic medicine can be supported and mitigated through naturopathic means is undeniable, and the OICC’s dictum that all people, no matter their social strata, should be able to access this kind of supportive, wholistic care makes the OICC so very special.

When one has a loved one- especially a child who is undergoing the biggest challenge of their life- any help received is magnified a thousand fold. In our situation, my being primary caretaker to a young girl with cancer, as well as a toddler sibling and living on a very low income, the financial burden is greatly relieved through such a fund. Many blessings for your help, without which my daughter would not be as strong and healthy on her journey towards TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING as she has been, and our family would be a lot worse off in many respects, not to mention the peace of mind and heart that we receive as a result of frequenting the OICC.

To any donor reading this who has already contributed to the fund, or anyone considering where their money may be best delegated for ultimate personal impact, I want to tell you: trust that you couldn’t do better with your money than helping the families of the OICC. Your contributions truly are directly life changing. We see it every day when we look at how well Rosalina has been these past two years – and our family thanks you so very much.

With huge gratitude,

Agata Bedynski,
Rosalina’s Mama