Please Help!  We Are Out of Money in Our Mind-Body Fund

For the past seven years, our passionate therapists have helped hundreds of people get help through our Mind-Body Fund.  This Fund was established to meet emotions head-on, to calm the competing strategies of “victimhood” and “positivity” and to help people regain some agency in their lives while facing cancer.  Through donations, we offer people who are suffering and low on funds themselves,  “free-of charge” one-on-one sessions with a Yoga Therapist, a Conscious Living Coach or a Hypnotherapist.

A cancer diagnosis can shatter “normal” life. Life speeds up in a flurry of emotions and decisions, people to consult and treatments to get through.  There can be so much upheaval that it can feel as though you have left your body and your life far behind. Mind-Body Therapies, such as Yoga Therapy, Conscious Living Coaching and Hypnosis-Visualization are one-on-one sessions that return you to your body, help you balance your nervous system, and give you tools to stay present in your life.

A cancer diagnosis is now seen as a form of PTSD, and as such, can stir up previous traumas. No matter if a cancer diagnosis is predicted or a complete shock, all patients experience some level of shock, fear and persistent anxiety. People can be extremely overwhelmed, unable to make decisions, sleep well or think clearly.    For many, the first few weeks are the hardest, continually waiting for tests and news.  For others, it is the fear of the ongoing treatments and side effects.  For a few, the deeper pain is the unacknowledged fear of dying with this disease.  All these thoughts and feelings want and need to be heard, acknowledged and understood.

Our Mind-Body Therapies

Yoga Therapy gives the body a voice.  Employ the wisdom of gentle, easeful yoga (no downward dogs here!) breath, and meditation practices to listen deeply, acknowledge held experience and support the body through difficult experiences.  Receive practical support, such as practices to regain mobility after surgery, work with pain, enhance sleep, bolster the immune system or develop a sustaining home practice. The inquiry often releases held emotional tension, as a way of softening fear and anxiety. Sometimes the “work” is to rest deeply in order to re-pattern an immobilized nervous system.  Experience a profound and individualized self-caring practice.

Conscious Living Coaching asks you to take an active role in your well-being.  All emotions are normal and natural human responses. Breathe, play and explore your emotions, feeling them in an authentic and friendly ways.  By tuning into, and, acknowledging your body sensations, such as a clenched jaw, stiff neck, gurgling belly, pressure on your chest, your body’s’ wisdom and intelligence begins to soften and shift the patterns that no longer serve you. Enhance your life through discovering simple, powerful and creative techniques of breath, movement and curious wondering.

Hypnosis-Visualization is guided meditation with an agenda, set by each client. Tap into the power of your mind to support the healing process.  Learn techniques and tools to mindfully acknowledge your thought patterns, listen to your “inner voice” and visualize the path that lies ahead. Perspective and acceptance are important practices for each stage of the journey. Hypnosis-visualization provides an individualized approach to honour and witness all facets of the client’s belief and thought systems – from negative to positive and beyond.

Our Mind-Body Therapies Help People

Breathe well again

Learn tools to work with panic and fear

Ride the roller coaster of cancer

Plan for easeful surgery

Feel safe and grounded

Change their relationship with cancer

Plan to exercise safely and consistently during treatment

Let go of “control” and assert agency in cancer treatments

Work with difficult emotions like guilt, resentment and anger

Move more freely and regain range of motion after surgery

Quit smoking

Cultivate curiosity

Move and breathe in ways that help relieve fatigue

Listen well to the body

See chemo working effectively

Soften around emotions like fear and anxiety

Learn to talk about cancer with friends and family

Gain techniques of working with pain

Turn toward dying and death and, as a result, live fully


Please give generously to our Mind-Body Fund and help people in our community help themselves when facing cancer.

Thank you!