The Clocktower Brew Pub Supports the OICC Foundation Again!

The “OICC Power Bowl” is now available on the Clocktower menu

This delicious (and nutritious) bowl includes: handmade falafel, turmeric, quinoa, kale, roasted beets, grape tomato, roasted chickpeas, red cabbage and lemon tahini.

Gluten free + vegetarian friendly, and available at all #ClocktowerBrewPub locations.

Eat up and enjoy! With every order of the OICC Power Bowl, the Clocktower will donate to our Mind-Body Fund for patients in need.

Last year the Clocktower donated $1,600 to our Mind-Body Fund with their special winter “OICC Mediterranean Bowl”.

Many thanks to the Clocktower for this wonderful support!  

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